This started with the simple zealousness that accompanies new learning.  Having gone through my first cataloging class, I figured, “Hey, I can do this.”  We had been learning MARC, AACR2, DDC, LCC, Sears, LCSH, and all manner of other library related acronyms and I was intrigued as to how all my own stuff would look in a library catalog.  I was also empowered by a sense of brash arrogance instilled by reminders by our teacher of how some catalogers really get it wrong.  So I figured, let’s give it a shot.

As part of another class, I learned about open source integrated library systems.  Evergreen in particular stood out.  Georgia’s ILS incredibly functional, scalable, and pretty.  It’s a lot more aesthetically pleasing than some other catalogs out there.  It also powers the catalogs of some huge library systems in Georgia and Michigan among others, so you know it’s good.  This spurred me on.  I hatched a plan, a wonderful plan, a supersplendiferous, marvelous plan.  I was going to use Evergreen to catalog my own collection.  That’s how it began.


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