My First Record!

De Wohl, L. (1953). Set All Afire. New York: Ignatius Press.

My first entry is a book that I am currently reading.  It’s not actually fair that I put it into this catalog, because it’s not mine.  I’m borrowing it from a friend.  But it’ll help me expand the size of my “collection”.

This was an interesting book to catalog.  Louis De Wohl wrote a series of books about the lives of the saints that are based on real historical accounts, but written as a novel.  This one is about the life of St. Francis Xavier.  It was difficult for me to find an appropriate call number.  I searched a bunch of catalogs and most libraries classify this as fiction, but… it isn’t really.  I’m not entirely sure that it’s nonfiction either, though.  There are details in the book that obviously could not be known by anyone except St. Francis or perhaps St. Ignatius.  I ended up just taking the call number from the Catholic Theological Union’s catalog.

There were other interesting quirks to cataloging this monograph.  There was startlingly little information on the title page or the title page verso or the rear cover.  It says that the first edition was released by J.B. Lippincott Company, but since this was released by Ignatius Press, it’s obviously not the first edition.  Yet, it does not have an edition statement.  There’s no price information.  The copyright says 1953, but I’m not sure that was the publishing date for this edition.  I just cataloged what was in hand, so I made a couple of (hopefully) educated guesses.  I welcome feedback from anyone with insight.


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