Well… that was quick…

I said I’d stick with OpenBiblio until I was unhappy.  Guess what?  I’m unhappy.  I started cataloging some Beatles books which got me to thinking, “What happens when I start cataloging Beatles CDs?”  OpenBiblio does not handle MARC well.  It has a standard template that is loosely based on MARC, but it just feels like it’s going to be terrible when I start going beyond books.  The template is way too limited.  I started looking up ways to export OpenBiblio data into MARC format, but apparently I would have to actually query my MySQL database and generate a delimited text file from there.  OpenBiblio doesn’t have an easy export feature.  So I decided to stop where I was and figure out a new ILS.

I went with Koha.  It’s fairly elegant and definitely more robust.  It was a huge pain in the neck to set up though.  There are so many dependencies.  I screwed up the installation more than once because I didn’t have all the requisite dependencies.  I finally found a good installation manual, and with some copy-paste skills, was able to get it kinda going.  I’m not totally there, but I’ll post a link when I am.  This will also help me get more accustomed to original cataloging in MARC format.  Awesome!


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