Tools of the trade

It would be nice if I had access to Cataloger’s Desktop or OCLC Connexion.  It’s really, stupidly hard to try and catalog everything without it.  There are things that I did not realize that I missed from class until I started trying to do it.  I was emboldened by my class to classify all of my materials by myself, but realizing that I do not have access to either Dewey or LC, I can’t.  I just rip all of my class numbers from other records.  It’s a little disappointing, because different sources class things differently and I can’t tell which number I would prefer myself because I don’t have LC memorized.

Same deal for subject headings.  I don’t have access to Library of Congress authorities, so I don’t know how to properly apply subjects.  I guess I could just tag everything myself, but that kinda defeats the point of this exercise.

I’ve decided to go all LCC.  I’m a patron of Chicago Public Libraries, so I have been emulating their classification system.


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