Open source love

Do you love free things?  I love free things.  Libraries are free.  I love libraries.  That may be why I decided to become a librarian myself.

Know what else is free? Open source software.  It’s free to download, free to use, free to install, free to modify, free to redistribute.  I love open source software.  In addition to being free, lots of open source software is quite stable and functional.

In my mind, libraries and open source are inexorably linked.  Both are purveyors of free information.  Libraries usually accomplish this by loaning books and other materials and providing free access to the world wide web.  Open source software does this by providing source code and by allowing people the functionality of proprietary software without restrictions.  Both are supported by grateful communities for a greater good.  Libraries have taxes, while open source software has its development community.  Both are constantly under fire, but all the better for it.  Each has a rabid fan base that will stand up for their respective freedoms.

I think more libraries should utilize open source software.  Even if you don’t tie the two together thematically, you can’t deny that free software is free.  Free is something that a lot of directors can get behind.  Also, it’s educational.  Open source software is like one of those Gameboys with a clear case.  You can see all of the innards to get an idea of how it works.  Furthermore, its free.  Free as in beer.  I mean come on, fellas!  A Windows license can cost hundreds of dollars, and most of the time, it’s just being used for web browsing.  Why not do that… except for free?


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