A Movie for Librarians

The Book of Eli starring Denzel Washington is totally a librarian’s movie.  While overtly, the theme of the movie is stewardship of faith, literacy ends up being just as important.

The Book of Eli is about Denzel Washington’s character Eli, who is carrying the last remaining Bible in a post-apocalyptic world.  This is a world where resources are scarce, literacy among them.  Gary Oldman is the boss of a town who collects books in hopes of finding a Bible.  He feels that the words within will help him rule this new world.

One of the cool things about this movie is how books are things of great value.  It is not faith or religion that Gary Oldman prizes, but words.  The Bible carried by Eli is the last one in the world, and it could be a stand-in for all books, or literacy or written words.  He protects it with his life and travels in search of a place that will keep it safe.

Also, the ending was totally awesome.


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