The Practice of Social Research

Babbie, E.R. (2010). The Practice of Social Research. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth.

The new semester has started.  The above is the textbook for one of my classes, one that should prove to be both helpful and interesting.  I’d be very interested in how to do a real research project.  Until now, all of my research papers have been using a template I learned in grade school: read some books and articles, and say they’re right or wrong based on what other people say in other books and articles.  Now I can be an originator of information rather than simply a regurgitator.

I have to think of a research topic.  I hope it will be made more clear as I go through the class, but I should go in with some ideas.  Right now, I think that I want to do a paper on Asians in libraries.  One avenue to explore is Asian items in collections.  There are plenty of libraries with Spanish language material, the library in Chinatown has a primarily Chinese language collection, and Glenview public library has a sizable Korean collection.  What about Filipino language material?  Or Vietnamese language material?  Also, most of the Japanese language material in libraries (and bookstores) is aimed more towards Westerners than Japanese people.  Think Manga and magazines.

Another avenue to explore is Asian librarians.  Specifically, why aren’t there more?  I’m sure there are plenty in Hawaii and California, but there are certainly not very many in the Chicagoland area.

On the flipside, I’m also terribly interested in computers in libraries and why libraries do and do not use linux.  Obviously, I use linux, so it would be nice to know why librarians would not use it.

I’m also open to ideas from anyone who happens to read this.


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