The Macrophenomenal Pro Basketball Almanac

FreeDarko presents the macrophenomenal pro basketball almanac: Styles, stats, and stars in today’s game. (2008). New York: BloomsburyUSA.

This is a great item.  It’s a hardcover book of basketball written by a bunch of bloggers.  It’s beautifully illustrated and contains intriguing, thought-provoking, and outright strange looks at some of basketball’s biggest stars and strangest phenomena.  It is a must read for any NBA fan.  I’ll admit that some of the prose is pretentious, and at times extremely tangential to what a sports fan may want, but it offers cogent analysis in a way that no basketball fan can really ignore.

One thing that is extremely interesting about this item is that it is a time capsule of 2008.  Looking at it now evokes some strange feelings.  The chapters on Gerald Wallace and Josh Smith are explain why they may never live up to their vast potential, but they’ve both been doing incredibly well this year.  The chapter on Gilbert Arenas is sad in light of his recent actions.  The chapter on Lamar Odom is extremely thought-provoking when seen in the light of his recent championship and marriage.

Another thing about this book is that it is written by bloggers.  These bloggers do not use their names.  So… how do you catalog it?  What does the statement of responsibility look like?  It was different when pen names looked like real names, not Bethlehem Shoals or Dr. Lawyer Indianchief.  Is it ok like that?  Any thoughts?


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