Librarians for Fair Access

West, J. (2010). Librarians for Fair Access resists exclusive content contracts. Boing Boing. Retrieved from

EBSCO has signed exclusive agreements with certain vendors to provide their content.  Libraries that were getting Time magazine from other databases are will soon be out of luck.  That’s not cool.  It’s probably a savvy business decision for EBSCO, but exclusive agreements do nothing but harm.

Let’s take a look at the NFL.  They decided to sign an exclusive contract with Electronic Arts to be the only publisher of NFL football video games.  They took a pretty big PR hit from it, and destroyed the ESPN/2K football franchise.  Everyone knows that NFL 2K5 was the best football game since Joe Montana Talking Football.  It had comparable (maybe better) graphics to Madden, but also included the super-trippy first person football mode and only cost $19.99.  Now it is no more…  If I want to play football, I have to shell out $59.99 for a marginal upgrade from last year’s version.

At best, you piss off a whole lot of people.  At worst, you deprive access and eventually screw yourself out of a bunch of revenue.  It’s stupidity.


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