The Way of the Storyteller

Sawyer, R. (1990). The way of the storyteller. New York: Penguin Books.

I am currently in a storytelling class.  It’s a wonderful class, and if you’ve never been to a real storytelling, you should really take a chance and go.  Great storytellers are absolutely captivating in a strange way.  Without video or graphic design or music or instrumentation they can absolutely enrapture an audience.  Now, this isn’t story time.  It isn’t reading from a picture book or hiding behind props.  It’s just you, your memory, and your voice.

I recently gave my first telling.  The assignment was for preschoolers.  I decided to do “The Little Red Hen and the Grain of Wheat.” I remember that this was a book that we borrowed from the library for my little sister.  I can’t remember if we ever returned it, but if we did, it was horribly late.  I hope that the sentimental connection came out in my retelling, because that’s why I chose the book.  I think I did ok, though I was nervous as all get out.

The Way of the Storyteller is one of our texts.  Quite an interesting one.  Most of the texts, it seems, are more story than textbook.  This one in particular feels like it should be read aloud rather than studied and highlighted like most textbooks.


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