Koha Live CD


For those enterprising enough to want to try a Koha ILS, but without the patience to set it up yourself, the above link contains all that you need.  If you don’t know, a LiveCD is basically an operating system in a CD.  You download the .iso file, burn it to a CD, start up your computer and choose to boot from your CD drive.  Then you’ll boot into the CD which contains a full operating system.  In this case, it’s Ubuntu 9.10.  Fantastic OS, if I may say so myself.  This CD also has a Koha installation on it, so you can try that out as well.  The readme file has what you need to login to Koha and try it out.

Well… that would have saved me loads of effort.  I wish I knew this project existed when I started installing everything myself.  Well, now you can try it without all of the frustration.  Getting it online, may be a different matter, but it should still be usable on your local machine.

They also have OpenBiblio home edition.  OpenBiblio was pretty easy to use by itself, so I’m not sure how much it needed to be modified.  Anyways, awesome site.  Check it out.


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