Good Character Development

I whole-heartedly agree.  Especially in genre fiction (and non-fiction for that matter).  Everyone remembers moments like these in their favorite books and movies.  Like the Japanese guys in World War Z. Or Daniel Plainview beating the ever-loving crap out of that sycophantic, whiny, annoying preacher character in There Will Be Blood.  Or Captain America standing up to Thanos after every other super hero has been killed in the Infinity Wars.

Each of the hobbits gets one in The Return of the King.  Pippin saves the Steward of Gondor from immolation.  Merry stabs the Witch-King.  Sam carries Frodo through Mordor.  And Frodo… well, umm… he’s part of the attack on Sharky at the end.  And they call him Four Finger Frodo, so that has to count for something… right?

More links to f@#% yeah moments and crowning moments of awesomeness:


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