Should newspapers cover Apple?

Mediactive posts an interesting question: should newspapers cover Apple?  Apple’s iPad is providing newspapers a platform that they feel will help them survive into the next millenium monetarily.  Doesn’t this create a conflict of interest?  As of this moment, the iPad offers newspapers something unique.  HP’s Slate, which is aimed at being a direct competitor of the iPad, will run a full version of Windows 7.  Many other tablets coming out will run a modified version of Android, or perhaps Google’s Chrome OS.  These platforms will access newspapers the same way other phones and computers already do.  The iPad is being positioned by many print outlets as the savior of newspapers and magazines because of its unique ability to monetize what other platforms provide for free.  Since they are all pushing so hard for Apple’s success and a way to charge for news online, shouldn’t they stop covering Apple in order to remain objective?

[Mediactive via BoingBoing]


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