Comic Book Classics, Re-imagined as Dime Store Paperbacks

Too often we ignore comic books, or consider them second hand citizens in the field of writing.  Well, I am a fan of comics.  Yes, at their worst, they are soap operas for young men and boys replete with evil twins, character killings and resurrections, and intense melodrama.  But at their best, they are incredible stories on par with the best stories that literature has to offer.  The Dark Knight Returns is one of the most sublime reading experiences I ever had.  It is satirical, and over the top in many ways, but extremely subtle in many others.  Joker’s death, Batman’s fight with Superman, the fight with the Mutants – these are all great moments that are seared to my memory as much as anything else.

Here’s a post that treats comics with the respect they deserve… as dime store novellas?  All kidding aside, these are cool covers.  The Daredevil and Watchmen covers are my favorites, though the Hulk one is definitely great if you know the character.  More please…



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