Adora Svitak: What adults can learn from children

Adora Svitak, author of Flying Fingers and Dancing Fingers, is a precocious 12 year-old who presents this TED talk about how children should be seen, heard, and listened to.  TED is a non-profit known for its conferences and talks that present innovation and reignite passion for a positive future.  Adora Svitak will probably be one of the people that lead us into this positive future.  She provides an intelligent and provocative viewpoint that many people do not hear, or otherwise choose to ignore.

What is so great about this talk isn’t simply that it’s given by one of the most intelligent and well-spoken 12 year-olds one may ever encounter, but that this 12 year-old is right.  We ascribe the word “childish” to immaturity and irrationality when the most immature and irrational behavior comes from people who are supposed to know better due to age-related wisdom.  A child’s ideas have value in their separation from the ideological boxes we all hide behind.  Children refuse to accept limits and labels, and can provide a completely unique perspective.

[TED via CNN]


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