When Copyright Goes Bad

Ben Cato Clough and Luke Upchurch posted this 15 minute documentary on YouTube about copyright, everyone’s favorite issue!  Copyright is becoming more and more stifling to creativity.  Not even to the mashup artists, but even those within the mainstream system.  When the RIAA sues or threatens to sue another person, I become less inclined to buy music at all.  When the MPAA restricts the play of foreign works on these shores because of a rights issue, I become less inclined to pay for movies.  When Ubisoft demands that you hook up with its authentication server in order to play a game OFFLINE, I become less inclined to buy PC games.  They are creating a system set up for failure.  People wonder what is wrong with music and movie sales.  First, most of it isn’t worth paying for.  But also, there’s a system here that seeks to constantly alienate its customers.  Sorry to tell you this, corporate execs, but the things you do to pursue copyright infringement destroys any good will your customers had for you.

And all of this is going to suck a lot worse when the Anti-Counterfeit Trade Agreement (ACTA) goes into effect.


[Youtube via BoingBoing]


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