Sony to stop manufacturing Floppy discs after 30 years

Ah, floppies.  Remember when Windows 95 came in floppy discs?  Remember when your printer drivers were on that gray floppy disc that you could never find when it was time to reinstall your printer?  Remember DOS games on floppy?  Your time has come and gone, floppy disc, but you will be fondly remembered by people of my age.

Did archivists of the 80s see the 3.5 mb floppy as a way to preserve digital information?  After all, it was 3.5 MEGAbytes.  Who would have thought that anyone would ever need more than maybe 10 mb to store a collection of digital stuff?  Of course we know better now… or do we?  Will USB be in for the same kind of obsolescence?  Hard to imagine, isn’t it?  Nearly every computer peripheral uses USB now.  Then again, nearly every driver in the Windows pre-NT days were installed by floppy.  Will I care when the time comes for USB to shuffle off the mortal coil?


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