Joomla or Drupal

My next project is going to be Joomla or Drupal.  I’m just not sure which one.  Joomla and Drupal are both open source content management systems.  I’m not exactly sure what the difference is.  I think having a handle on content management systems may be just as or maybe more useful than HTML is.  HTML has a lot of uses, but it is limited in its inability to perform certain operations reserved for php and javascript.  And rather than learn either or both of those languages, maybe I’ll just learn how to use a CMS.

[Update: Went with Joomla.  The site will be up as soon as I finish playing around with it.]



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5 responses to “Joomla or Drupal

  1. Please share what insights that made you pick Joomla over Drupal. Since work with the latter and have little experience with the former, other than porting sites away from it, I am really interested in this topic.

    • Unfortunately, I don’t really have any insights. On paper, both are extremely similar. I ended up using Joomla because it has better templates and comes with its own HTML editor (TinyMCE).

  2. jason

    great..i like joomla more too.

  3. I’ve always preferred using Joomla, it’s easier to get your head around.

  4. Joomla Bod

    Good choice going for Joomla. I think it has a greater range of extensions and modules to add on than Drupal (may be wrong there).

    In terms of your editor i would recommend going for JCE Editor over TinyMCE, it’s free and much easier to use and has more features than the default Joomla editor.

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