California Rejects Rising Journal Costs

Good on them!  I don’t know why these journals cost as much as they do in the first place.  The research that makes up the journal is taxpayer funded.  The authors are paid slim to nothing for their submissions and their work.  So… where is all this money going?  Printing, marketing, and server costs?  The New York Times has to deal with all of those issues, but you can get a subscription for $7.40 a week.  If this is an invalid comparison, it’s only because the peer-reviewed journal model is broken.  They can sell ad space.  They can try to increase circulation to get bigger and improve economies of scale.  They can make an iPad app.

How is it legal that the author or funding institution can’t even get access to the articles produced with their time and money?  Is there anything about this model that makes sense?

[The Chronicle of Higher Education via]


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