Glee vs. Copyright

Did you realize that Glee is promoting committing over $1 million in copyright infringement?  Neither did I, until I read about it on Balkinization.  Those kids are remaking, remixing, and straight up copying songs from major labels and major artists.  Of course, the Fox show is probably granted the rights for everything that they do and song that they sing on the show, but the people watching it may not know that.  If you do what they do on Glee, you are committing $1 million in copyright infringement.  Now, glee clubs and a cappella groups and show choirs do this stuff all the time.  It would be far less interesting to watch high school kids belt out entirely new, original songs, so they remix and rearrange popular songs.  Most programs do this without permission.  No one seems to mind.  This maddening application of copyright law shows just how wrong the law is.  Protecting authored works is important, but not when it could get a bunch of high school kids in trouble for $1 million.

[Balkinization via BoingBoing]


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