Joomla, OpenBiblio, and other stuff

Check it out!  That’s just the landing page, but if you click on the website link you will be taken to my beautiful new Joomla installation.  It took me a while to actually get all that stuff working, but now it DOES work.  So it’s cool.  I wish that Joomla was a little more “stupid-proof”, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless.  I’m contemplating installing Drupal as well, just to see what it’s like.

What I like about Joomla is that it really is easy.  It would be a pain in my ever-lovin’ rear end to get the kind of site I made to work using some combination of java, HTML, css, and php.  Joomla was mostly painless.  I also like how it’s architected with each component basically being a module placed over a skeleton.  Storing everything in databases is a lot more elegant than a simple HTML solution.  So that’s cool.

Also: (yeah, I should work on that URL)

OpenBiblio is back.  This time I went with the home version which adds cover images.  I want to do another Koha installation, but I kinda want to wait until the release of koha 3.2.  I haven’t looked at all the revisions, but I like new and shiny things, so maybe I’ll wait for that.  I was also considering installing Koha in a virtual machine environment, but I don’t know how the networking is going to work out.  Do virtual machines have their own IP addresses?  How do I configure Apache?  Anyone have any advice or guidance?


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