ALA day 1 impressions

I’m just doing impressions cause I’m really tired.  One thing about getting lots of cool swag is how tiring it is to carry around.

I met up with Alyson in the morning before going to my first program (the name escapes me right now).  Unfortunately, it seemed everyone else at the conference wanted to go to it too, so I ended up touring the exhibits with Alyson first.  We met up with Vicki and had some Starbucks (I had a sandwich… yes a sandwich.  I don’t drink coffee), before splitting up for the 10:30 session.

I saw a presentation on rich internet applications in libraries presented by a coder/technologist/fellow geek named Heather Devine.  There’s lots of cool stuff that people are doing with Flash, Silverlight, and AJAX.  Unfortunately most of these projects are not being done by librarians.  That’s something to get working on.

Next, I met up with my ALA/NMRT assigned mentor Rebecca Uhl.  She gave me a lot of good tips and pointers about navigating ALA and making the most out of it.  Then… more swag.  I also went to the poster session and saw a few cool projects.  Two students at Tennessee showed off their online resumes and homemade business cards.  I hope they check out MY online resume (

Then I sat in on the BIGWIG interest group.  It was indeed interesting.  It was about emerging technologies and debating LITA’s role in ALA and BIGWIG”s role in LITA and other such things.  Seems like a cool group of people to stay in touch with.

Then dinner at Vapiano’s with a bunch of school chums and a person from UCLA.

Finally I went to a wonderful storytelling presentation.  To my chagrin I missed the first teller, but the other two were quite good.  Kim (I don’t know her last name right now) was fantastic.  One of those tellers that can really hit you emotionally.

Overall impression: I’m tired.  Good night!


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