ALA day 2

Another day!  It started with a program from APALA, the Asian-Pacific American Library Assocoiation.  They had four panelists speak and answer questions about different topics.  One was the director of a documentary about Vincent Chin.  One was a librarian who had been given a grant to work with integrating learning with fun.  The final two were the co-editors of an Asian American Literary Review Journal.  Cool stuff here.

I followed that up by going to the Top Tech Trends panel.  6 people talked, oddly enough, about Top Tech Trends to watch for.  They each talked about one trend already here, one trend in the imminent future, and one trend further out.  Lots of annoying iPad talk.  I don’t find anything useful about the iPad.  Beautiful, maybe.  Useful, no.

Finally, Book Cart Drill Team.  I was fully expecting cheese and camp.  What I wasn’t expecting was an artfully choreographed number by the winning team.  They were dancing skeletons with intricate choreography and a cohesive narrative.  They rocked the house!  Go team!

Also, I got a lot more swag. I am going to try and catalog it all this week.  I don’t have class until Thursday.


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