Nook Study

As a current and former student, I fully support digital textbooks.  Textbooks are heavy and expensive.  They will probably remain expensive, but at least they’ll stop being heavy thanks to Nook Study.  I’m glad someone has finally taken the reigns and provided a platform for e-textbooks that people can rally around.  The perks are nice (searchable notes, study aids, and test prep guides), but I would have been happy with a bunch of downloadable pdfs.  Also on the horizon are cheap updates to books.  Software used to be static, but all software gets updates nowadays.  They’re easy and cheap to apply and deploy.  Maybe textbook publishers will be able to do that too and not have to make students, teachers, and institutions buy brand new copies of texts.  We’ll have to see who takes advantage of this platform in the coming days, weeks, months or whatever.



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