Amazon sells more e-books than hardcovers

It’s on CNN now, but the tech blogs all reported it earlier.  Amazon e-books are selling better than hardcovers.  This doesn’t even count the e-books that are free on the Kindle.  Is this signaling a sea change in reading?  Not yet, I think.  Is this really an apples-to-apples comparison?  The article admits that the figure trails far behind that of paperbacks.  In addition, Amazon’s books are capped at $9.99 while most hardcovers sell more than that.  So I take this with a grain of salt.

Still, it proves the popularity of the Kindle with readers.  Not just the device either, but the entire platform.  I’d like to see sales figures across platforms: Kindle, Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android.  Despite what people say about DRM, the Kindle’s cross platform ubiquity solves the issue that most people have with DRM: portability.  It doesn’t matter if it’s DRM-ed if no one notices.  Despite all the hoopla by the publishers, Amazon might be the key to this whole e-book thing, not Apple.

As an aside, I finally jumped on the e-book train.  Books-a-million was selling a Sony Reader PRS-505 for $89.  So I caved and I bought it.  It just arrived today, I’ve loaded it with some public domain books from Project Gutenberg, and I will be testing some PDFs that I have to read for school as well.  My first impression is that the screen is readable, but it takes way to long to turn a page.  I’ll update with more impressions.  Anyone else have any experience with this Sony Reader or any other e-book readers?


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  1. Warrick

    Played with a Bebook and a Kobo – and the page turns are very slow – around 2 seconds each. Seems to be just tolerable but I have not had an opportunity to read a whole book as yet on either device.

    Speaking of a sea change in reading – sales are growing fast up to 8.48% of total sales in the first 5 months of 2010 according the the Association of American Publishers.

    It seems people really like ebooks once they get their hands on a usable ereader.

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