Two things

Barnes and Noble is being sold!  I kinda think this is a sign of the end of the brick and mortar bookstore.  I always just figured that Borders would go first, though.  There are rumblings that both stores would combine somehow into a megazord of book selling, but that’s probably not a great long term solution.  I don’t think combining assets would help them compete against unless it somehow translated to drastically lower prices.  If I may be opportunistic, this is a chance for libraries to put their wares on display and take hold of the people that do their studying at Borders and Barnes.

Second thing: Google Wave is dead!  I remember when it came out and how it was supposed to change the way communication happened and how librarians were kind of excited about new reference possibilities. And then we all used it and realized it sucked.  Jack of all trades, master of none.  That’s why it failed.  It wasn’t competent enough to replace anything.  It was too slow for chat and instant message, and too ephemeral for Wiki.  It’s greatest power lay in its ability to coordinate things, but considering how few people could use it, that never got off the ground.  It’s unfortunate.  It was the most perfect platform for online D&D.


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