The Web is Dead, says Wired

Maybe Prince was right?  Actually, no.  Prince was over the internet, while Wired thinks that the Internet is going strong.  No… it’s the Web that we should mourn.  Browsers are accessing the internet less and less these days, while people plug into apps that get data for them.  Facebook, Twitter, etc. can all be accessed without using a browser, and many apps are more elegant than the website anyway.

Though I think the pronouncement a bit premature, it is certainly an interesting notion.  The “series of tubes” that make up the information superhighway in the future will look different.  We may be beginning to see what that future looks like.  The Internet may be more about hubs and hangouts than documents linked together.  It’s probably already this way, except that we still rely on HTML to construct these hubs.

But ultimately, I’m a skeptic.  Futurists, geeks, and tech junkies tend to be insular and self obsessed.  That’s why MacHeads insist that Apple’s the best platform, gamers overestimate their impact on pop culture, and Scott Pilgrim was supposed to make more money than it did.  The web is safe, for now.


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