Libraries using Netflix

Well isn’t this interesting?  A couple of academic libraries are using Netflix services to deliver movies to their patrons.  While I appreciate the measured response by Netflix, this is clearly a violation of terms of service, and also probably a violation of public performance agreements.  I honestly want to know what these libraries are thinking.  While it is important to deliver materials and services to patrons and Netflix offers a reasonably priced model to accomplish this, you risk so much.  The RIAA could come down hard.  Midwest Tape and other CD/DVD purveyors to libraries could make things harder on other libraries.  Netflix could start feeling the pressure too.  For a short-term gain, you risk difficult long term circumstances.  The next license agreements for libraries to show movies are going to be absolutely awful.



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  1. khocolatemoose

    Good morning,

    If the libraries are college libraries, then I’m not sure RIAA has a lot of say there. As long as the libraries are not charging people to see the films, and as long as it’s for educational reasons, then they may be protected from copyright infringement. If the libraries are public libraries, then the waters are much murkier my friend. What say you to this? Please feel free to join the conversation at

    We would love to hear what you have to say, and often.



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