I was at the Illinois Library Association conference today, and I will be attending for the next two days as well.  If you’re in town, stop by.  It’s a good conference with lots of great people.

I went to a lot of interesting sessions.  The keynote about the Googlization of everything was great.  The marketing session in the morning was cool.  But I want to specifically highlight two sessions I attended.  The first was about a program at the Des Plaines Public Library.  They have been teaming up with a group called  Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy to bring therapy dogs to the library to serve autistic children.  As the brother of an autistic individual, it’s always great for me to see people reaching out to this population.  These dogs help autistic children learn how to engage in meaningful social interaction in ways that they could not otherwise do.   I applaud the Des Plaines Public Library for reaching out.

The other session I want to highlight talked about digital media initiatives from the Skokie Public Library and the Blue Island Public Library.  Full disclosure: I am currently an intern at the Skokie Public Library.  These are great resources for a new generation of media-loving, media-savvy, creative people that are growing up.  Skokie has 4 Macs and a Macbook for digitization, video, audio, and design.  Blue Island has a larger lab focused completely on teens with support for robotics and 3D modeling as well.  Some of the work created in these labs is quite spectacular, and best of all, it’s free.

I am looking forward to whatever tomorrow brings.


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