On digitization


Treehugger has a good post today about digitization.  I’ve had to read and write a lot about this topic throughout school but it’s interesting to see the issue from a different perspective.  Treehugger is, obviously, and environmentally centered site so their perspective on digitization is different from the library point of view.

The one new wrinkle that Treehugger has that has never entered my mind is that information hoarding is a time suck.  In the library profession, information hoarding could be seen as part of the job, but it really does cost more time and energy than we may realize.

Of course, the final takeaway from the site is that digitization may not be all that green.  Servers require energy to run.  They require resources to be manufactured and shipped.  It requires energy for us to access servers to read our news or access our articles.  These are important things to note as we try to become more responsible caretakers of our planet.



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