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Library of Congress streaming music


This is like some wonderful dream!  I’m glad that someone in the recording industry has the sense to hand some stuff over for proper digital preservation.  It would be nice if they ALL did it, but this is a good start.  Now I just need to refresh my memory of the extensive Universal music catalog.


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Music in Libraries


I liked what the Librarian in Black is saying here.  The profession has yet to find an elegant solution to question of music in the library.  Music is now mostly digital (so says iTunes sales), but library solutions are quite terrible.  It’s simply too hard to transfer music from the library website to your personal computer or digital music player.  For every extra step users are forced to endure, the less likely they will to utilize the library.  If it isn’t seamless and easy, then it isn’t worth doing.

Do I have a solution?  Maybe.  How about streaming music?  Many digital players nowadays have internet access (Zune HD, iPod Touch, Archos players, even the Zen X-Fi kinda).  And it’s easier to get rights to stream music than offer to up for download.  If libraries were allowed to host music files for streaming, they could competently build and catalog collections of music that users would use.  Part of this also needs to be an enhanced interface.  The library website needs to be known as a place for music for the music to be used.

[Librarian in Black]

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The Music Industry… and child porn?


In an effort to get legislators to act on copyright infringement and piracy that affects the music industry, execs are comparing downloading music with child pornography.  Why?  Because its sensationalist.  But also because it’s a clear black and white issue that people can get behind.  If people started to see music sharing in the same light, then more could be done to protect precious little music industry executives whose multi-million dollar industry is going down the drain.

Here’s the thing.  They are not even remotely the same.  The music industry can’t get criminal charges to stick to file sharers.  That’s because file sharing is still on fuzzy ground that gets more mucked up the more it gets explored.  Child pornography, however, is absolutely wrong, abusive, and immoral.  File sharing within certain boundaries can still be argued as ethical.

What would best serve the music industry is to destroy their former business model.  TV and movies are still finding success while there is rampant piracy in those industries as well.  It’s because Hulu, Netflix, and theaters are putting butts in seats and generating revenue.  Get with the program, music industry, and stop blaming your audiences and customers for your inability to meet demand.

[Christian Engstrom, Pirate MEP via BoingBoing]

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